Étienne’s home page

Hi! I’m Étienne.

(Pronounced, roughly: ay-TYEN. The acute accent is optional, unless you’re fluent in French.)

(picture taken in October 2020 in Montreal’s parc du Mont Royal)

I write:

  • a newsletter called Rabbit Holes, formerly Light Gray Matters. Published every Wednesday, and it’s about something interesting I dove into in the past week. It’s also the easiest way to subscribe to my writing.
  • a blog called Dark Gray Matters, whose essays tend to be longer, more researched, and less common than in the newsletter. It’s often about history, science, and writing.
  • a blog in French, on hiatus at the moment.
  • tweets on my Twitter account, where my goal is mostly meeting cool people. My main claim to fame there is a viral thread on the miracle of cakes.
  • some fiction, including a novel in French, about Quebec history, that I’m struggling to finish, and the occasional science fiction short story.


I code:

  • for fun, a weather iOS app that aggregates data from several sources
  • occasional freelance iOS programming work



  • studied evolutionary biology in Sweden, in France, and at Harvard
  • worked in cancer care data analysis for a year
  • studied computer science at McGill
  • worked as a macOS developer at Druide in Montreal
  • was part of the first On Deck Writer Fellowship, which greatly helped me kickstart the blog
  • worked part-time in the Interintellect, team, helping hosting awesome intellectual discussion salons


Contact me on Twitter or by email. I’d love to make new internet friends, so don’t be shy!