Hi! I’m Étienne.

I’ve recently started a new blog in English called Dark Gray Matters. It’s still in its infancy, but there’s already something to read. More information to come soon! 

Since 2017, I’ve also been blogging in French. That website is called Cartographier tout et n’importe quoi. (Roughly, “Making maps of anything and everything.” It doesn’t really have much to do with making maps, though.)

You can find me on Twitter, too, where I tweet consistently about a new topic each month.

Some of my other current activities include:

  • programming a weather iOS app that aggregates data from several sources
  • writing a novel in which some people attempt to make a funny movie about New France
  • posting (very) mildly interesting pictures on Instagram
  • working as a macOS developer at Druide

Contact me on Twitter or by email. I’d love to make new internet friends, so don’t be shy!