Hi! I’m Étienne.

(Pronounced, roughly: ay-TYEN. The acute accent is optional, unless you’re fluent in French.)


I write:

  • a blog in English called Dark Gray Matters, and its companion newsletter Light Gray Matters. I write on many topics, which I like to summarize as “being a good citizen of the Universe.”
  • a blog in French, more or less on hiatus at the moment. It’s called Cartographier tout et n’importe quoi. (Roughly, “Making maps of anything and everything.” It doesn’t really have much to do with making maps, though.)
  • tweets on my Twitter account, where my goal is mostly meeting cool people. My main claim to fame there is a viral thread on the miracle of cakes.
  • a novel in French, in which the characters attempt to make a funny movie about New France. (It’s intended to be funny.)


I am part of some cool online communities:


I do other things:

  • programming a weather iOS app that aggregates data from several sources
  • posting (very) mildly interesting pictures on Instagram



  • studied evolutionary biology in Sweden, in France, and at Harvard
  • worked in cancer care data analysis for a year
  • studied computer science at McGill
  • worked as a macOS developer at Druide in Montreal


Contact me on Twitter or by email. I’d love to make new internet friends, so don’t be shy!